A Crowd of Stars over Bare Benbulben’s Head



This year I have been very busy with my music and havent got out photographing a huge amount – especially at night. This exception was when I pounced on the opportunity of getting a milky way panorama over Benbulben. to be honest I wasn’t sure it would work because of the huge light pollution from Sligo town. Thankfully that stretched only to the edge of the Milky Way panorama when the core was still visible in April 2023. I took about 20 panels for the sky of 5 photos stacked in each panel… so what you’re seeing is a hell of a lot of photos stitched together. The sky for the night sky photo enthusiasts is a series of 10 second untracked exposures, the the foreground a series of 40 second exposures all taken from the same spot near Grange Co Sligo. I hope you like it.

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