ED Lee Bass

As a band member/co-producer:

Those Nervous Animals: The Mission Sessions (2021) thosenervousanimals.ie

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NoCrows: Escape (2019) NoCrows Website

NoCrows: Why Us? (2016) 

NoCrows: Waiting for the Tide (2014)

NoCrows: NoCrows on the Moon (2010)

NoCrows: Magpie (2007)

NoCrows: Live At the Strand (2006)

Those Nervous Animals: Hyperspace (1986) & several singles

Nine Wassies from Bainne: Ciddy Haul (1995)

As co-producer/arranger/programmer/bassist:

Indian: Show Me That Chihuahua Again (1996)

The Pale: Here’s One We Made Earlier (1991)

Speranza: About Time (1994)

As Sideman:

Dervish: The Great Irish Songbook (2019)

Enya: Dark Sky Island (2015)

Kate O’Callaghan: The Still Beyond (2014)

Kieran Quinn: Not Just Black and White (2013)

Dolores Keane: Solid Ground (1994)

Dervish: Spirit

also appeared on CDs by Colm O’Donnell, Donal O’Connor, Colette Sheerin

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