Sunset at Blackrock Lighthouse



 Had been planning this shot for a while, it was not simple as a few conditions had to be favourable for a successful outcome. Tides and cloud cover, time of year all factors. Tides were just about favourable, as I had to drive to the island over the tidal causeway to get this shot. The tide was just about halfway out, which was just enough to drive safely over the 4 km causeway on Cummeen Strand. Just made it in time, disturbing a lovers camp on the way and then set up tripod with about 5 minutes to spare. Distracted by beautiful nature, which included Curlews and a fox on the rocky shore (do foxes hunt seabirds?), I had a good bit of racing along the shore to move with the sun, as it shifted behind the lighthouse. Its amazing how fast it moves when you’re trying to photograph it on front of a stationary foreground object. Thanks to the amazing Photopills app for helping in the planning of this shot! 

24 April 2021, Coney Island

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