Fireball Aurora over Benbulben


FIreball and Aurora over Benbulben Sligo Ireland


10/11 May 2024 will never be forgotten.

I finished the night off shooting on the Benbulben Forest Walk at Gortarowey. I shot a timelapse of the aurora over Benbulben and in the middle of viewing it I noticed a small flash in the sky, so reexamined all the photo frames of the timelapse, to find this fireball exploding for just a couple of seconds during this incredible aurora display we had. I say a couple of seconds because I was continuously shooting 4 second exposures and this is only in one frame! I’ve only captured a fireball a few times – its basically a meteor or meteorite hitting the atmosphere and combusting – and this is not the most spectacular o them – but certainly added extra fairy dust to an already magical night spent bearing witness to the power and majesty of nature.




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